W. H. Mason's Info for Aircraft Design

Former design class organizer: W.H. Mason
Current Version: July 22, 2011
e-mail: whmason@vt.edu

Mason’s Office: Randolph 331A
Available by appointment

A little background on Professor Mason.

Typical Projects: In 2009-2010 teams worked on (1) The AIAA design competition, an Alternate Fuels and Environmentally Friendly Aircraft System, (2) The human powered airplane project (HPA), (3) A UAV using piezioelectric actuation with ME students, and possibly other projects, TBD the first two class of the semester.

This is a Northrop Grumman UCAV using a unique wing concept that is based on a patent by Nathan Kirschbaum, who was an aircraft design teacher for ten years here at Virginia Tech, before retiring for a second time in 2001.