W. H. Mason,
Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

An electronic version of the class notes for AOE 4114, Applied Computational Aerodynamics. Portions are also used for AOE 4124, Configuration Aerodynamics. Comments are welcome, and in fact encouraged.

This page is now superseded by a textbook from Cambridge University Press, 2015

Some codes are available in FORTRAN. They have very crude user interfaces, the manuals even refer to card input! In most cases, much more modern versions are available.

1992,1995 by W.H. Mason

Preface (html)

Volume 1: Foundations and Classical Pre-CFD Methods

Volume 2 Applied Computational Fluid Mechanics

These notes were produced exclusively with Macintosh technology. They were written on Macintosh computers. Word processing was done with FullWrite Professional and WriteNow. Sketches and drawings were done with Canvas. Equations were composed using MathType. Plots and Graphs were made using Kaleidagraph. Computing for examples was carried out using Language Systems FORTRAN running in the Apple Macintosh MPW shell.